OEM White Label Mobile Apps and Cloud Sync for CRM and Web-service SaaS/ASP Providers

What we do

Mobile integration has been our business since 1994 and the first Palm Pilot PDA. CompanionLink can re-brand and customize our PC Sync, Cloud Service, Cloud CRM and Phone Apps to fit your business. We support dozens of CRM and SaaS vendors and have created nearly 100 custom solutions for companies as diverse as NVIDIA, Dell, Royal, Act! and many more.

We support Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Microsoft Outlook, Google, Office 365, Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Act!, GoldMine, Lotus Notes, Time & Chaos, Prophet CRM, Highrise, and a host of other technologies that you have probably never heard of.

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A complete product that we maintain for you

CompanionLink delivers a complete product and keeps it updated for today's mobile landscape. We don't offer a toolkit because mobile technologies are fragmented and change quickly. Consider the numerous manufacturers of just a single platform - Android. Each manufacturer has a customized version of Android OS. You would need a full-time staff to learn about these changes, develop for them, and test on every platform. Android is just one platform.

We don't compete with off-shore companies who deliver a project and wash their hands to move to the next. Our partners have used our services for over 15 years. We ensure their clients have mobile access on today's devices and cloud technologies. We are your strategic arm that handles mobile integration. CompanionLink has the staff and expertise to handle this. We design, develop, test, and maintain your solution in-house.

Why we are the best at mobile CRM and web-services

  • We have over 20 years of experience with mobile integration. We started with the first Palm Pilot handheld.We manifest this unique insight and experience in our solutions by bringing a perspective of what works and doesn't work for mobile technologies.
  • We have an efficient and reliable synchronization engine. Yes, its our proprietary technology.
  • We give you the flexibility to white-label (brand) the solution as your own, or market it under our CompanionLink brand.
  • We have a track record of 90 days from design-to-launch. We can be this nimble because...
  • We employ local talent in our home city of Portland, Oregon. This guarantees your solutions are finished on time, within budget, and to spec.

What our partners have said

"CompanionLink demonstrates their total commitment to customers and end-users with consistent, on-time delivery of high quality products."
-Karen Chen, NVIDIA Corporation

"We approached a number of solution providers. CompanionLink had the most complete solution and development process of them all."
-Michael Whittingham, Chaos Software

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